Reasons To Buy A Designer Prom Dress


Many teenage girls dream of Prom and how beautiful they will look. But many also debate whether or not they should buy a designer prom dress. After all, they’re expensive and the dress will only be worn for one night, so why not buy a cheaper, department store gown? Well, there are several reasons why it makes sense to buy a designer gown.

Buying a designer prom dress isn’t as expensive as many believe. While it’s true that you can pay many hundreds of dollars for one, it’s also true that you can buy one for less than $150 – a Jessica McClintock prom dress can be found this amount. So, if you were dismissing buying designer because of price, think again.

Prom only happens once in a girl’s life. It carries such high expectations and every girl wants it to be memorable. A big part of her memory of the night will be the gown she wore. A girl wants to look individual as well beautiful for Prom. Designer prom dresses are made to be more individual than their department store counterparts. There are thousands of styles, designs and colors to choose from. When a girl wears a designer gown, she’s more likely to stand out from the crowd, and for the dress to be an extension of her personality. It’s also less likely that another girl will be wearing the exact same dress.

The gown will also be made with the best fabrics and materials. A cheap dress will look cheap, especially when shown side by side with the designer frock. A quality dress gives a girl confidence; it’s impossible to look one’s best if confidence is lacking.

They’ll be better made too. Getting a dress that fits properly is a problem for most teenage girls. Because a designer gown has been designed by top fashion designers, using the best materials and using the best cutters, the gowns will almost certainly fit better than a cheaply made garment.

Also, fashion houses design exquisite, matching accessories for their creations. So, when a girl buys the dress she can also buy the accessories, saving her time as well as knowing that the whole outfit will coordinate perfectly. And again, the accessories aren’t always expensive.

A prom gown is usually worn just the one time by a girl, she than has to decide to keep it, give it to someone else or to sell it. If she wants to give it away or sell it, she stands a far better chance if it’s a designer prom dress. Not many want a second hand department store gown, but there are many who would pay good money for a beautiful second hand gown in good condition.


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